My body and I

I visit my Chinese doctor for acupuncture every week. I know some people visit a hairdresser or nail salon every week. In my case, it is acupuncture!

The other day I asked the doctor to mark up the points that would be good for me. I feel, yin energy is often dominant in my body, and I would like my yin and yang balanced.

Here is the diagram:


Since then, I have been massaging and pressing those points every day, plus moxa once a week. The points on my stomach used to be hard and felt quite tender. A few weeks later, they don’t feel tender any more – they feel softer now.

I’m not overly serious about ‘improving’ something, as I believe our body is always in the perfect condition. ‘Perfect condition’ (again, I believe) includes some imbalance from time to time too. Body is always providing the best for us at each moment.

It is fascinating to see how my body reacts when I do something to it. Body is definitely one of the most miraculous creations we have in life.