Raw local honey

I thought of starting a blog about ten days ago. Since then I’ve been wondering where to start, what to write…but I’ve got to start somewhere! So today I’d like to write about what I bought this weekend.

Row honey from a local beekeeper!

A couple of months ago, I learned how wonderful raw honey was, its magical properties and how it could be used for many different things, including, like medicine rather than food or sweetener.

At that time I thought any local honey would be naturally ‘raw’, means not heated or processed like mass-produced honey from a supermarket. However, it seems it’s not true – it seems like, not all the local honey is raw.

I didn’t know that until I met my local beekeeper, from whom I bought these lovely jars of honey, who is so passionate about his work and proud of the raw honey he produces.


The left jar is from summer flowers, and the right one is from early spring flowers.

I tasted both, and they were both simply amazing. The honey has got soft creamy texture – at this time of the year, it is naturally ‘set’ (rather than ‘runny’), I heard.

I bought the raw honey not for a medical reason, but I’m excited that I’ve encountered this lovely honey and now I can enjoy a spoonful of raw honey every morning. It tastes like it is full of good energy too!

I am also so fortunate that this beekeeper lives within a walking distance from my home. I’ve been a big fan of local products, especially local honey. But above all, this honey feels so special, as it is produced by his great passion and love. I believe, anything produced with love and passion is great, radiating wonderful energy.

By the way, I Googled ‘local honey’ this time when my last jar of local honey finished. The Internet is truly great. I found this site; a non-commercial directory of local beekeepers in the UK:


I feel this site itself is made of love and passion too. Highly recommended if you are looking for local honey!

<update on 5th of December 2017>

Unfortunately, this web site has been closed down. But Anton, who supplies lovely local raw honey in my neighbourhood now has got his web site!