Can our brain perceive time?

“The perception of time is not associated with a specific sensory system*”  – This is what I learned today. This means, unlike other things such as vision, touching sense, sound, smell etc, a particular part of the brain (cortex) dedicated to perceive time has not been found yet. I didn’t know that!

Then, how does our brain perceive time? There are researches about it, and it seems the brain uses some sort of system(s) that works like a network function to perceive time.

This brain function itself is interesting. But what I thought was… why is it so?

…Isn’t it because, there is no such a thing, ‘time’, in the first place?

Many spiritual teaches say, there is only ‘here’ and ‘now’. There is no ‘past’ or ‘future’. Always ‘now’. If there was no other ‘time’ than now, of course, our brain would not need to perceive it. Or, if time does not exist, surely it cannot perceive time. Time is an illusion…

This is my daydreaming of the day.

*From Wikipedia. “Time Perception”.